Silverstone 1/2 Marathon

One of my new year goal tricked off to run a half Marathon. See GPS log

Finish Line, Silverstone 1/2 M

Finish Line, Silverstone 1/2 M

Sunrise Festival

My First experience of festivals. Just as I had imagined they would be loud, busy and expensive. Did I enjoy it on the whole yes I would like to go to another one under different circumstances. The hi lights for me where ‘The Orb’, ‘Swamp Thing’ and the ‘Mighty Booth’

Oxford Open Canoe

Start Heyford
Distance 10 mile / 16 Km
End Kidlington

River Cherwell is a small river flowing from Banbury in the North and joins the Thames at Oxford. For most of the way the Oxford cannel travels parallel with it and in part the Cherwell is used to link the cannel with the river Thames.

Nine of use in four open canoes set of from Hayford on Saturday (lay by on left at traffic light coming into Hayford). The first kilometre was easy going then soon after Roshean there was a two-kilometre stretch of heavy wooded area with lots of fallen trees. The river then goes under the railway bridge and starts to run parallel with the cannel (should have done cannel to this point then joined the river).

The rest of the river was easier to navigate but with some tree dodging. The weir at the Rock of Gibraltar was run river right J. The weirs were the cannel and Cherwell meet is not run able. (Note: you need to portage back onto the cannel at thrump).

Start Kidlington
Distance 7 mile / 11 Km
End Oxford

Sunday was a sorter paddle Kidlington on the cannel to Dukes Cut, running Kings weir down to Port meadow with a quick stop at the trout pub before continuing to Binsey. At Binsey we left the main stream and run the two weirs that make up the old bathing place at the back of the allotments in Botley then continued past MFI and got out at the next foot bridge.

Summer Trip

Slovenia, Italy and France 3rd June – 22nd June

The Itinerary went something like fly to Nice drove to Milan two days there. Drove to Slovenia six days there. Then drove to back to Italy two for two days before driving to the Frence Alps.

This was a great few weeks even if there was a lot of rain (very wet year) Slovenia is a rely cool place where all the paddling is well thought out easy to get to and crystal blue waters.

I drove all night

Leaving early Sunday morning with sister in passenger seat heading to Bristol for half marathon. No I haven’t gone crazy and signed up for 13 miles of sweet and pain but was supporting my brother, Mel, Doug and Laura. The car run to Bristol was clear (RIP to a pigeon) on arrival we took on our parenting duties with Adian. We watched the race from a number of advantage point around the course cheering on everyone before relinquishing our responsibilities back to his parents.

The return journey was via IKEA (note they charge extra for credit card payments L) only two hours of my life lost. Returning sister to her house in London I made my way home through the streets of London the traffic was heavy and the boredom only broken be a phone call from Sue (hands free of course) and Dave Piers dance anthems.

Well done to the runners of Bristol (Rob you looked a little rough hope ok)

Town and Gown

The famous running race around Oxford. Distance 10Km 48.31.75 HR 145bmp. (9)

Michael Schumacher move over

Yesterday I continued my run in famous places by running around the full Grand Prix Circuit at Silverstone. This was the first of an eight race series. I ran past all the well known corners you hear on TV Copse, Stowe, Club, Abbey, Priory and Woodcote to name but a few. Now Mr Schumacher holds the record at 1:18.739 for the 5.14km lap where as I did it in 27:38.000 not far behind him :-) completing the two laps of the race in 53.11.780 Avg HR 129bmp placed 681st of 924.

Easter Paddling – Scotland

Easter week was spent in the highlands of Scotland. Myself and 10 other members of Reading University Canoe Club spent a week paddling in and around Fort William. The weather was beautiful making the scenery spectacular. The rivers were very low for this time of year but we did run some of the traditionally run Scottish rivers. Our accommodation was Chalet in Roybridge – (see pictures).

Rogger Bannister move over

Yes today I got the chance to run on the Iffley Road track that Mr Bannister did his memorable run. I was running is the Teddy Hall Relay One lap of the track and then 3.6miles around oxford. My time was 27.57.74 / hr 147bmp.

Weekend in France

Flu flowfrom Stansted to Toulon with Ryanair. Stayed in a sleepy little village called Le Thoronet. With a bread shop and a winery where the locals are all mad. The hi lights of the week where a day trip to St Tropez and a look at the gorge de Verdon. (Great place for motor bikes) (See Pictures)