The purpose of the website is to give me a presence on the World Wide Web. Somewhere that I can share pictures and thoughts with my friends and family while take the journey that is life. :-)


I am a friendly, easygoing, and sensitive person. My friends tell me that I can be a good leader when I put my mind to it, and I guess that there is some truth to that. I tend to approach life with a factual, precise outlook rather than with a careless, overly casual attitude. The feelings and opinions of my friends and family are important to me, and I try to take their thoughts into consideration when making big life decisions.

I enjoy talking about and exploring a variety of conversation topics. I believe that it’s important to try to make a good first impression with the people that I meet, even though I can sometimes feel shy or even nervous. I make efforts to avoid hassles whenever possible, believing that most disagreements can be resolved in a friendly way.

To me, respect is an integral part to any healthy relationship, and I find myself most attracted to people who feel the same. I enjoy the company of caring, positive friends who seek out new adventures and experiences from the world around them.

My Job

My Employer ‘The University of Oxford Department of Engineering Science’ are currently employing me as an Electronics Technician. I started in my current post of Deputy Head of the Electronics Workshops in 2005. The Job is a fulfilling and rewarding job that allows me to meet lots of young bright and intellegent people throughout my day.

Curriculum Vitae

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