Cordon Brew Burton XXXX Bitter Gold Seal

I bought this kit because I was looking to try a strong kit that was cheap. The beer has instructions for three strengths 24pint (OG 1070), 32pints (OG 1052) and 37pints. I made the 32 pint version the instructions said to add 1.8kg (4lbs) of sugar I only had 1kg of brewer’s sugar and 500g light spray malt so I put the two together and added 300g of ordinary sugar.

The starting gravity was spot on (1052) I started it between Christmas and New Year rapping the fermenter with a brew belt I got for Christmas. It bubbled well for four days than stopped I thought something was wrong as the instructions said fermentation should take 5 -9 days but decided to barrel it the gravity was 1010. Having left it barrelled in the house for 3-4 days then moved it to my conservatory for 3 weeks I had a first sample, it was a very strong taste the beer was dark but not as dark as I thought it would be I will leave it a bit longer and get a second opinion. I am going to give it XXX – A cheap kit did my sugars and quick fermentation effect the flavours the jury is still out. Father really liked it and will be make a batch.

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