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A collection of runs

Still Running

Someone recently asked me do I still run regularly? and is it with a running club? The answer to both those question are yes, I am trying to run three times a week at the moments as I am entered into the Silverstone Half Marathon again this year and my current half Marathon time of 1:55.04 I feel is beatable. I have also embraced a great organization/event called parkrun 5km race every Saturday morning in parks all over the UK, with my local being Cutslow Park Oxford.

My running club is ‘OUCH’ (Oxford University Club Hurriers) based at Mansfield Road Club Oxford. Although we are part of the University club there are many member that don’t work in the University. The Club has various levels of runners and speed with a few social activities throne in.

If you want to know more about my goals for 2012 or the OUCH running club get in touch or go to the website

Silverstone 1/2 Marathon

One of my new year goal tricked off to run a half Marathon. See GPS log

Finish Line, Silverstone 1/2 M

Finish Line, Silverstone 1/2 M

Town and Gown

The famous running race around Oxford. Distance 10Km 48.31.75 HR 145bmp. (9)

Michael Schumacher move over

Yesterday I continued my run in famous places by running around the full Grand Prix Circuit at Silverstone. This was the first of an eight race series. I ran past all the well known corners you hear on TV Copse, Stowe, Club, Abbey, Priory and Woodcote to name but a few. Now Mr Schumacher holds the record at 1:18.739 for the 5.14km lap where as I did it in 27:38.000 not far behind him :-) completing the two laps of the race in 53.11.780 Avg HR 129bmp placed 681st of 924.

Rogger Bannister move over

Yes today I got the chance to run on the Iffley Road track that Mr Bannister did his memorable run. I was running is the Teddy Hall Relay One lap of the track and then 3.6miles around oxford. My time was 27.57.74 / hr 147bmp.

Running Club

Started running with the works running club Oxford University Club Hurriers (OUCH). Only running Tuesday lunch time at the moment for forty minutes or so. May also run with the serous runners on Thursday’s. Will keep a record of my progress see [link].