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To all those spammers out there who have spamed my blog in the last to weeks I would like to say thankyou. You all have made my day reading your comments.

Christmas List in Picture format


A Walk Around the Palace

I went for a walk around Blenham Palace. I entered the palace from the Bladon enterance and walked around the lake and sat on the grass in the evening sunlight.
Blenham Palace

Cordon Brew Burton XXXX Bitter Gold Seal

I bought this kit because I was looking to try a strong kit that was cheap. The beer has instructions for three strengths 24pint (OG 1070), 32pints (OG 1052) and 37pints. I made the 32 pint version the instructions said to add 1.8kg (4lbs) of sugar I only had 1kg of brewer’s sugar and 500g light spray malt so I put the two together and added 300g of ordinary sugar.

The starting gravity was spot on (1052) I started it between Christmas and New Year rapping the fermenter with a brew belt I got for Christmas. It bubbled well for four days than stopped I thought something was wrong as the instructions said fermentation should take 5 -9 days but decided to barrel it the gravity was 1010. Having left it barrelled in the house for 3-4 days then moved it to my conservatory for 3 weeks I had a first sample, it was a very strong taste the beer was dark but not as dark as I thought it would be I will leave it a bit longer and get a second opinion. I am going to give it XXX – A cheap kit did my sugars and quick fermentation effect the flavours the jury is still out. Father really liked it and will be make a batch.

Another Year Older

Another year older and getting more grumpy by the year so I’ve been told. Mainly for not using facebook to share my live with the world. Instend I choose to have my own blog. Anyway thanks to all how have wished my happy Birthday.

Home Brew

My first batch of Home brew as just matured. The plan is to start with a few home brew kits and progress to doing the full brew process. Woodforde Wherry 40 pints.

Home brew

Home brew

Follow that line ————>

My three week of demonstrating on this years course work module is over. Their task was to programme a robot to follow a black line on the floor. Read in through the camera mounted on the front decide if the line is on the left or right and move accordingly (video clip).

Sunrise Festival

My First experience of festivals. Just as I had imagined they would be loud, busy and expensive. Did I enjoy it on the whole yes I would like to go to another one under different circumstances. The hi lights for me where ‘The Orb’, ‘Swamp Thing’ and the ‘Mighty Booth’

Summer Trip

Slovenia, Italy and France 3rd June – 22nd June

The Itinerary went something like fly to Nice drove to Milan two days there. Drove to Slovenia six days there. Then drove to back to Italy two for two days before driving to the Frence Alps.

This was a great few weeks even if there was a lot of rain (very wet year) Slovenia is a rely cool place where all the paddling is well thought out easy to get to and crystal blue waters.

I drove all night

Leaving early Sunday morning with sister in passenger seat heading to Bristol for half marathon. No I haven’t gone crazy and signed up for 13 miles of sweet and pain but was supporting my brother, Mel, Doug and Laura. The car run to Bristol was clear (RIP to a pigeon) on arrival we took on our parenting duties with Adian. We watched the race from a number of advantage point around the course cheering on everyone before relinquishing our responsibilities back to his parents.

The return journey was via IKEA (note they charge extra for credit card payments L) only two hours of my life lost. Returning sister to her house in London I made my way home through the streets of London the traffic was heavy and the boredom only broken be a phone call from Sue (hands free of course) and Dave Piers dance anthems.

Well done to the runners of Bristol (Rob you looked a little rough hope ok)