Still Running

Someone recently asked me do I still run regularly? and is it with a running club? The answer to both those question are yes, I am trying to run three times a week at the moments as I am entered into the Silverstone Half Marathon again this year and my current half Marathon time of 1:55.04 I feel is beatable. I have also embraced a great organization/event called parkrun 5km race every Saturday morning in parks all over the UK, with my local being Cutslow Park Oxford.

My running club is ‘OUCH’ (Oxford University Club Hurriers) based at Mansfield Road Club Oxford. Although we are part of the University club there are many member that don’t work in the University. The Club has various levels of runners and speed with a few social activities throne in.

If you want to know more about my goals for 2012 or the OUCH running club get in touch or go to the website


To all those spammers out there who have spamed my blog in the last to weeks I would like to say thankyou. You all have made my day reading your comments.

Christmas List in Picture format


A Walk Around the Palace

I went for a walk around Blenham Palace. I entered the palace from the Bladon enterance and walked around the lake and sat on the grass in the evening sunlight.
Blenham Palace

Cordon Brew Burton XXXX Bitter Gold Seal

I bought this kit because I was looking to try a strong kit that was cheap. The beer has instructions for three strengths 24pint (OG 1070), 32pints (OG 1052) and 37pints. I made the 32 pint version the instructions said to add 1.8kg (4lbs) of sugar I only had 1kg of brewer’s sugar and 500g light spray malt so I put the two together and added 300g of ordinary sugar.

The starting gravity was spot on (1052) I started it between Christmas and New Year rapping the fermenter with a brew belt I got for Christmas. It bubbled well for four days than stopped I thought something was wrong as the instructions said fermentation should take 5 -9 days but decided to barrel it the gravity was 1010. Having left it barrelled in the house for 3-4 days then moved it to my conservatory for 3 weeks I had a first sample, it was a very strong taste the beer was dark but not as dark as I thought it would be I will leave it a bit longer and get a second opinion. I am going to give it XXX – A cheap kit did my sugars and quick fermentation effect the flavours the jury is still out. Father really liked it and will be make a batch.

Another Year Older

Another year older and getting more grumpy by the year so I’ve been told. Mainly for not using facebook to share my live with the world. Instend I choose to have my own blog. Anyway thanks to all how have wished my happy Birthday.

Rolling – It’s all in the mind

An interesting article published in BCU CoEd. This might explain why people find it difficult to roll. Rolling Article

Home Brew

My first batch of Home brew as just matured. The plan is to start with a few home brew kits and progress to doing the full brew process. Woodforde Wherry 40 pints.

Home brew

Home brew

Alps Trip 2009

Date 6th – 16th July
For me it started with a paddle down the Verdon from Castellen to the start of the Gorge section. Two days latter I meet up with my friends from Reading University canoe Club for five days of Alps paddling. The high light was at the end of the week with a jump of the bridge at the bottom of the Ubay. Alps Gallary

Rivers paddled.
Verdon – Castellen
Durance – St Clements to Embrum
Upper Guil
Upper Guisane
Lower Guisane
Ubay and the Racecourse

Follow that line ————>

My three week of demonstrating on this years course work module is over. Their task was to programme a robot to follow a black line on the floor. Read in through the camera mounted on the front decide if the line is on the left or right and move accordingly (video clip).